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The IUPAC Stability Constants Database, SC-Database*
- the definitive database of metal-complex stability constants

For metal-complex stability constants or speciation in any field of quantitative science
The database (SC-Database) is no longer maintained or supplied by us.


SC-Database gives very fast access to all significant published metal-ligand stability constants with about 24000 literature references for about 9800 ligands (with 2D ligand structures) and with interactive applications to display speciation curves, to correct for temperature or ionic strength changes etc.
is included freely as part of the Sol-Eq tutorials.


still available :

The Sol-Eq (Solution Equilibria, Principles and Applications) provides over 30 tutorials and interactive applications to explain and demonstrate equilibria in solution. It has many examples and exercises and contains its own database of constants and relevant information.

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Aqueous Solutions. A package of programs for the the quantitative treatment of a wide range of equilibria in solutions of varying backgrounds, ionic strengths and temperatures. These programs have been written with Igor Sukhno and Vladimir Buzko, Krasnodar, Russia.
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