The files are stored as compressed files, either as .exe files or zip files.

The following files or packages may be downloaded:


Sol-Eq may be downloaded free of charge. It is supplied as a packed file, Sol-Eq.exe (about 45 MB) which may be unpacked to give the suite of tutorials (about 148 MB). Use the tutorials by running SolEq.exe. After unpacking, if asked, select The program has loaded correctly. You can create a shortcut to SolEq.exe by the normal method


Demonstration program: SC Demo (DemoSC-Database.exe, 6 MB).
To use, download and run SC_Demo.exe. This contains the full list of ligands (with structures), authors and references but contains stability constant data for Glycine, Histidine and EDTA ONLY. The full database contains data for over 9700 ligands and over 23900 references. It also contains the speciation package and structure drawing and matching packages, which are interactive components of the database.

Download SC-Database manual (MS Word file,, 250 K)

Mini SC-Database:
Download the package Mini-SC-Database.exe (4 MB). Download the self-extracting file into a directory of your choice.

Ionic Strength and Temperature Corrections for Stability Constants and other useful program for the quantitative treatment of equilibria in aqueous solutions including seawater and other saline solutions. These programs can all be accessed from the controlling program Aq_solutions.exe. These programs have been prepared by L. Pettit, I. Sukhno and V. Buzko ( They include:

The suite of programs may be downloaded as the file and should be unpacked in a directory of your choice.