Screen examples

Selection criteria, based on ligand, metal, reference and experimental details, are entered in normal Windows edit boxes. This is the ligand specification tabbed page :

Ligand selection

Here is the metal specification tabbed page:

Metal Specification

Sub-Structure searching may be based on either (i) a library of sub-structures (which may be prepared by the user), a structure drawn using the EdChemS program provided or (iii) a structure previously drawn using a commercial structure drawing package such as Chem Draw or Isis Draw.

There is easy access to many forms of output or display at the click of the mouse button. Here is the Full Experiment display:

Note the thumb-nail graphs for ligand structure, temperature and ionic strength dependence. From this display, single mouse clicks (i) activate a large Window displaying the structure, (ii) full temperature and ionic strength correction and (iii) speciation sub-programs. The data may also be copied as text to the clipboard.